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Speakers Bureau: Maryland

Contacting P3 Project Speakers

The assembled group of experienced presenters are experts in various aspects of Project Passenger Pigeon and species sustainablity subjects. The links provide their background and contact information. They should be contacted directly with further questions and to make the necessary arrangements, including those involving expenses and honoraria.


Paul J. Baicich, Great Birding Projects,
Oxon Hill, Maryland 20750

Paul is president of Great Birding Projects, which partners with the National Wildlife Refuge System and other organizations in efforts to expand and broaden the birding community. A former employee of the American Birding Association, he edited 14 of their "ABA Birdfinding Guides," edited Birding, ABA's bi-monthly magazine, and served as ABA's Director of Conservation and Public Policy. His concerns include an abiding interest in bird conservation and studies in the breeding biology of North American birds. In addition, Paul co-edits (with Wayne Petersen) the popular monthly Birding Community E-bulletin.

Birds in Our Culture
Birds have played an important role in many cultures from ancient to modern and at many levels of intensity. The range of possibilities is vast: painting, music, sculpture, poetry, drama, you name it! Cave paintings, the Bible, Italian Renaissance art, Shakespeare, the conquest of the Americas by Europeans, the very earliest days of the USA, all have included birds as part of their unfolding , all are part of our rich cultural experience. In this presentation, moreover, Paul will emphasize the role that birds have played in the vision of America, the myth of endless resources in this land, the uses and abuses of wildlife (with a special emphasis on “lessons” on the Passenger Pigeon) and a closer look at recent trends in American culture, from popular literature, to music, to TV, to movies. You will leave with an enhanced appreciation of birds in the context of the grand and the everyday!

Distance willing to travel:
No limit, as long as travel and expenses are covered.

Contact Paul at Great Birding Projects, P.O. Box 404, Oxon Hill, MD 20750; or 410-992-9736; or 443-745-5179 (cell); or

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